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Volume 6, Number 3: July 1, 2011.

The 23rd Edition of “The Observer's Nook” is an outstanding example of the caliber of writers that contribute their time and experience to this newsletter. Richard Rose encouraged his students and all others who inquired about his teachings to leave no stone unturned when it came to the spiritual search. This is the path our writers have taken. Philip Winestone and James Cornie, without previous consulting, even managed to synchronize their articles, as did one of our readers who contributed a response to a question posed in the last newsletter -- a good example of the “between-ness” that Richard Rose spoke of throughout his teachings. We hope you enjoy the newsletter!

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Volume 6, Number 2: April 1, 2011.

In this 22nd Edition of “The Observer's Nook” we have chosen to do a retrospective of Richard Rose, which includes clips of unpublished audio lectures. Also in this issue, “Poetry Nook” along with a “Call for Papers” from our readers.

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Volume 6, Number 1: January 1, 2011.

“On Celibacy” by John Rose - This very pragmatic approach to an ancient practice is useful information for those who wish to develop the intuition and mental faculty for understanding and approaching the Ultimate Self.

“A Gimble in a Wabe #7, A Retrospect on Moments of the Now" by James Cornie - As editor of the“Nook,” I find this to be my favorite “Gimble.” Jim has a gift of storytelling - and because of his background in science, the story holds water. And yet each poem, prose and recounting of events is projected through the heart. His connection to Richard Rose brings home the fact that all systems have something in common, yet it is a matter of discernment as to how we bypass the extraneous information - separate the wheat from the chaff, if you will. In his latest Gimble, Jim takes us once again down the proverbial rabbit hole to uncover the kernel of truth in all things.

“Observing the Observer” by Andrew McMaster - Mac’s gift for laying it on the line in regards to the search for truth and retreating from error is especially evident in this article on the purpose of meditation.

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Volume 5, Number 4: October 1, 2010.

“Peace of Mind: Success Without Regret” by Cecy Rose – This lecture contains the formula for attaining success, whether the end result is wealth or Enlightenment. The secret is in how we direct our energy.

“A Gimble in a Wabe #6, Right Brain/Left Brain: Surfing the Now” by James Cornie – Delving into the survival of a massive stroke experienced by Jill Bolte Taylor (My Stroke of Insight), Jim brings to light the relationship between the function of the right brain and the subtractive method of searching as taught by Richard Rose, retreating from error. He also provides an explanation of the purpose that our right brain has served throughout history in being a conduit (through music, art and poetry) for attaining spiritual insights and experiencing the “Now” moment.

“The Reversed Vector” by Andrew McMaster – If one continues to drop all that is false, eventually all that will be left is the Truth. This is the reason we “look within.” As stated by Richard Rose “Go within by any means necessary.” Andrew puts together a brief summary of this path as written by Rose and others.

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Volume 5, Number 3: July 1, 2010.

“Point of View” by Philip Winestone – A bit of humor from the author, woven through his description of a profound personal realization. He inspires the question, “Art thou the dreamer in the dream or the dreamer of the dream.” “Life and Times with Richard Rose” by Cecy Rose – A “normal” life it was not. An interesting life? That’s an understatement. “People I’ve never met write to me regularly asking about what it was like to live with Richard Rose. The answer is simple - nothing not out of the ordinary.” “The Enneagram” by Andrew McMaster – Taking a line from Richard Rose’s teaching that we should employ whatever means necessary when going within, “Mac” has chosen to write about an ancient system of defining the personality in order to observe and retreat from the obstacles it puts on our path to Truth.

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Volume 5, Number 2: April 1, 2010.

"Effortless Action," by Andrew McMaster - A bit of April foolery points out the pitfalls of seeking enlightenment, and the necessity of retreating from untruth; " Who is Driving Who?" by Trevor Wall - A new contributor to the newsletter puts his "spin" on one of the aspects of Richard Rose's lecture of questions, "Are we the view or the viewer of the view? ; "A Gimbol in a Wabe #5: Biocentrism and Mad Monkeys of Mind," by James Cornie – Another adventurous trip down the rabbit hole. This time the author sorts out the details in a comprehensive and detailed comparison of Robert Lanza's book on Biocentrism to Richard Rose's Psychology of the Observer. No stone is left unturned by this author/seeker/poet who continues to ignite our curiosity about our origins, our aims, our finality.

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Volume 5, Number 1: January 1, 2010.

"Highly ‘Advertised’ Persons and ‘Famous’ & Well-known Men & Women” by Andrew McMaster – Mac has added just the right touch to the first newsletter of the new year – wisdom and a bit of sardonic humor, based on the Pulyan/Rose correspondence; A Response from John Rose to Andrew McMaster’s article entitled “Obstacles to Realizations: Attachment to the Body/Mind” – Drawing from his own personal exchanges with Richard Rose, John presents some questions to the reader that may require a second look at the Pulyan letters; Poetry by James Cornie – Clouds illusions, you may recall…; “The ‘I’ of the Hurricane” by John Patton – John further explores the tension between the exoteric and the esoteric, which is brilliantly illustrated in his unique chart; Book Review by Cecy Rose on the title: Entity Possession, Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences by Samuel Sagan, M.D. – Any book that is devoted to the study of entities is well worth looking at, and this one is exceptionally detailed in its descriptions of case studies and therapies. Much like The Sex Connection, there are unexplainable phenomena that are brought to light by careful research and observation.

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Volume 4, Number 4: October 1, 2009.

“A Gimble in a Wabe #4” by James Cornie – Jim continues his awe inspired journey down the rabbit hole to the other side, taking us from the rims of the canyons of Arizona to neutron stars 17,000 light years away. His fellow travelers are certain to reach a deeper understanding of projection and Reality; “Obstacles to Realizations: Attachment to Religion and Spirituality” by Andrew McMaster –Part Three of the perspective on the esoteric philosophies of Pulyan and Richard Rose delves into the religious and spiritual persona. One of the paradoxes to which the reverse vector must be applied, this article points the way; Excerpts from the Lectures of Richard Rose – From the lecture “Zen and Death,” we present some of the more eloquent analyses of this American Zen master.

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Volume 4, Number 3: July 1, 2009.

Quantum Physics and the Observer by Dan Niebauer – A semi-retired chemist and inventor unveils the mystery behind “The Project Ray,” as mentioned in the writings of Richard Rose, through the understanding of Quantum Physics. Obstacles to Realizations: Attachment to the Body/Mind by Andrew McMaster – “Mac” presents part two of his perspective on the esoteric philosophies of Pulyan and Richard Rose. Commentary by one of our contributors follows the article. Many Paths by Cheryl Baskins Butler – From organized religion to finding “the Way” by other means, this seeker weaves us through her experiences on the paths. “Falling Out of Time,” a poem by John Rose. The Unpublished Notes of Richard Rose – This brief excerpt further substantiates the connection between the early thinking of Mr. Rose and Quantum Physics.

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Volume 4, Number 2: April 1, 2009.

“The Obstacles to Realization,” by Andrew McMaster. Mac has outdone himself on this one, having carefully dissected the correspondence between Richard Rose and Alfred Pulyan to bring to the reader a series of articles reviewing the teachings of one Zen master to an already enlightened “student.” We welcome your comments!; “A Gimble in a Wabe #3, Epiphany Re: Cosmology,” by Jim Cornie. We continue to follow the thread of yet another epiphany which occurred while Jim was explaining a bit of cosmology derived from his last “Gimble in a Wabe” with his grandson, Jacob. And the children shall lead us…..; “In Case of Emergency,” by John Patton. Richard Rose has pointed out numerous times in his writings that we live in a jungle. John, has provided the reader a version of his own “survival kit”; “The Unpublished Notes of Richard Rose.” More grist for the mill on the “Unmanifested Mind.”

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Volume 4, Number 1: January 1, 2009.

“A Gimble in a Wabe #2, A Further Exploration…” by Jim Cornie.
This eye-opener of an article presents the foremost and current research on the origin of the universe. Blending his background in esoteric philosophy with the scientific, the author confirms that Truth can be stranger than fiction; “The Magic of Hypnosis, A Personal Account of an Experience,” by Alan Fitzpatrick. The events leading up to a “death of the self” are retraced in this account of between-ness and the resulting experience; “The Unpublished Notes of Richard Rose.” The Psychology of Observer was most likely based on these excerpts from “The Mind,” but you will find this explanation of the Unmanifested Mind to be the most clearly stated of any found elsewhere.

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Volume 3, Number 4: October 1, 2008.

“Direct Objectless-ness and Meditation,” by Andrew McMaster. How egos and personas are dealt with in meditation - methods whereby the false mind can be dropped; “The Man’s Path: A Balanced Life, One Man’s Perspective,” by John Rose. This article presents an in-depth description of practicing an esoteric spiritual path while maintaining a family life; “The Woman’s Path: Viva la Difference!” Cecy Rose tells her story from the perspective of wife and student of Richard Rose, including guidelines for the feminine side of the Albigen System; “Letters from Richard Rose.” A few pointers for the family man and woman; “New Perspectives: What Our Readers Say.”

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Volume 3, Number 3: July 1, 2008.

“New Perspectives: What Our Readers Have to Say.” As a result of our “Call to Entries,” several of our readers contributed material for this edition of the newsletter. The call continues for those who may wish to contribute their work to be published in future editions. Our thanks to those who responded!; “Letters from Richard Rose.” Correspondence between student and teacher can be revealing to us all, as you will find in these letters; “The Poetry Corner.” In honor of the poet in Richard Rose, we continue to include poetry from our readers in our newsletter.

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Volume 3, Number 2: April 1, 2008.

“Book Review by Michael Casari on The Sex Connection by Alan Fitzpatrick.” This reviewer hails the book that cracks the myths behind human sexual behavior and serves as a tribute to the psychological aspects of Richard Rose’s teachings; “Letters from Richard Rose.” This particular correspondence is most interesting, revealing Rose’s early insights into personality and his approach to teaching, including suggested reading; “Meeting Richard Rose,” by John Rose. John has once again crafted a personal and colorful story every reader can relate to.

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Volume 3, Number 1: January 1, 2008.

“Walking the Walk,” by John Rose. Another longtime student of esoteric philosophy embraces his dilemmas and obstacles on the path; “Gimbling in a Wabe,” by Jim Cornie. Jim shares his poetry, delivered in the 1980’s at a Kerouac Festival in Lowell, MA, reflecting a bit of the influence and philosophy of Richard Rose on a longtime friend and student.

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Volume 2, Number 4: October 1, 2007.

“If ‘There is no Recipe for a Lightning Bolt’—Why Meditate?” by Andrew McMaster. Mac, a longtime student of esoteric studies and Zen, sheds light, if not lightning, on the value of Rose’s advice on meditation; “For Whom the Carillon Tolls.” From his book of poetry and essays, we couldn’t resist including “Psychology of Miracles” in this particular newsletter; “An In-depth View on the Psychology of Richard Rose,” by Alan Fitzpatrick. With the upcoming release of his book, The Sex Connection, the author discusses Richard Rose’s teachings on sex and the search for Truth; “Letters from Richard Rose—The ‘Post-Experience’ Correspondence.” A recent discovery of letters dating from 1950 on, has been quite a revelation in regards to Rose’s views on teachers and organizations as expressed to friends and contacts; “More Poignant Poetry,” by James Cornie. Jim shares his poetry, delivered in the 1980’s at a Kerouac Festival in Lowell, MA, reflecting a bit of the influence and philosophy of Richard Rose on a longtime friend and student.

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Volume 2, Number 3: July 1, 2007.

“An Interview with Alan Fitzpatrick on The Sex Connection, A Study of Desire, Seduction and Compulsion based on the psychological teachings of Richard Rose”; “Re-Reading and Remembering Richard Rose and How We Met,” by James Cornie. One of the original members of the “Pyramid Zen Group” of Pittsburgh, where Richard Rose frequently joined in on meetings, gives his personal account; “Thoughts from Afar,” by Philip Winestone. This Scottish born Canadian philosopher gives the reader a background in Zen and other Eastern Philosophies upon which to compare the teachings of Richard Rose. Included is a portrait of Rose, painted by Philip; “Inspirational Poetry,” by Lee Warfield. This longtime friend of Rose, to whom he attributes literally saving his life, expresses through his poetry the way by which he came to his healing.

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Volume 2, Number 2: April 1, 2007.

“Riding the horns of the paradox…” quoting some advice by Richard Rose; “Entity Work,” by John Rose. John gives us pause to think about the relationship between energy and “entities,” an esoteric subject not broached by the majority of spiritual systems and teachers; “Summer of 1969,” by Howard Levine. This successful musician writes down an inspiring story of the profound effect that spending one summer with Richard Rose had on his life while still a young aspiring musician; “Inspirational Poetry,” by Lee Warfield. A pause for reflection for all those who doubt; Poetry and two short essays by James Cornie. An astute scientist and seeker, Jim defines spirituality through scientific exploration.

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Volume 2, Number 1: January 1, 2007.

“No Enlightenment,” composed by Andrew McMaster in collaboration with Philip Winestone. Quoting the Tao Te Ching, Huang Po and Tony Parsons, Mac and Philip, well-versed in various esoteric traditions, draw comparisons to Rose’s approach of “retreating from error”; “Thoughts on Action,” by John Rose. Brother-in-law to Richard Rose and long-time friend and student, John gives us a glimpse into the mind of a seeker as he walks through mundane, daily living; “Poetry for Contemplation and Enjoyment,” by Jim Cornie. The humorous and the profound meet on paper.

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Volume 1, Number 4: September 1, 2006.

“A ‘Pearl’ from the Archives – The Jane S. Story,” a detailed account of one student’s “Mountain experience”; “Employ Whatever Necessary,” by Andrew McMaster. Mac summarizes the Meditation technique of “Going Within” as advised by Richard Rose; “Poetry for contemplation,” by James Cornie and Lee Warfield. Two very different views and styles, but both influenced by their contact with teacher Richard Rose.

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Volume 1, Number 3: July 1, 2006.

“The Dew Diamonds,” (Title taken from a book by Amos Lawrence). Correspondence, poetry and brief articles from readers of the Richard Rose Teachings Newsletter; “Out of Control,” poetry by Kathleen Rose (one of Richard’s daughters); “Thawed Progeny,” poetry written between 1980 and 1983 by James Cornie; “Consciousness and Awareness,” from Carillon by Richard Rose.

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Volume 1, Number 2: May 1, 2006.

“A Testimonial from the Midwest,” by Andrew McMaster. Mac tells his personal story about his experience with Richard Rose’s Teachings as compared to other systems; “Political Correct vs. Reality and the Truth,” by Lee Warfield. This article puts everything into perspective that Richard Rose spoke and wrote about in regards to social illusions and legislating truth; “Our Readers Say,” comments by some people new to the teachings of Richard Rose.

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Volume 1, Number 1: March 1, 2006.

“A Short Story,” by Tony Kalar. One of the very first contributors to the newsletter presents the reader with an overview of the roads leading to enlightenment; “The History of the Pyramid Zen Society,” an account by a former student of the early beginnings of the group that formed around Richard Rose’s teachings.

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