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As many of our readers and visitors may have noticed, "The Observerís Nook" has been replaced by a quarterly posting called "Views and Reviews". As with the "Nook", we invite you to submit your notes, treatises and papers on subjects that inspire and help uncover the veil of illusion that we all aim to retreat from, as Richard Rose might have stated it. Thank you so much for visiting the site and being a part of the ďretreat from untruth".

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"The Most Remarkable Character Iíve Ever Met" by Michael Casari
May 1, 2013

A long-time friend and student of Richard Rose writes down his account of witnessing a teacher in action over a period of several decades. This inside and intimate view gives the reader a personal connection to the man, Rose, as well as the teacher.

Richard Rose Teachings - Retrospective 2012

A Gimble in a Wabe #10
January 28, 2013

That Inner Longing for Our Inner Essence: My Road Trip
Back to the Roots of Religion
By James Cornie

Dr. James Cornie, who worked as a scientist in metal technology at MIT and founded his own company based on that technology, weaves his scientific curiosity throughout his spiritual/ philosophic writings, as well as his poetry.

Richard Rose Teachings - Retrospective 2012
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