“On Celibacy” by John Rose – This very pragmatic approach to an ancient practice is useful information for those who wish to develop the intuition and mental faculty for understanding and approaching the Ultimate Self.

“A Gimble in a Wabe #7, A Retrospect on Moments of the Now” by James Cornie – As editor of the“Nook,” I find this to be my favorite “Gimble.” Jim has a gift of storytelling – and because of his background in science, the story holds water. And yet each poem, prose and recounting of events is projected through the heart. His connection to Richard Rose brings home the fact that all systems have something in common, yet it is a matter of discernment as to how we bypass the extraneous information – separate the wheat from the chaff, if you will. In his latest Gimble, Jim takes us once again down the proverbial rabbit hole to uncover the kernel of truth in all things.

“Observing the Observer” by Andrew McMaster – Mac’s gift for laying it on the line in regards to the search for truth and retreating from error is especially evident in this article on the purpose of meditation.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 6, Number 1