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The staff at Richard Rose Teachings and Rose Publications has published its last and twenty-third issue of its quarterly newsletter “The Observer’s Nook”. It is presented as a downloadable PDF for your convenience. We encourage you to forward the newsletter to friends who may be interested in what we are doing, or to anyone you think might be interested in receiving mailings from us. We would also like to hear from you, our readers. Just write to the editor, Thank you!

Volume 5, Number 1

January 1st, 2010|

“Highly ‘Advertised’ Persons and ‘Famous’ & Well-known Men & Women” by Andrew McMaster – Mac has added just the right touch to the first newsletter of the new year – wisdom and a bit of sardonic humor, based on the Pulyan/Rose correspondence; A Response from John Rose to Andrew McMaster’s article entitled “Obstacles to Realizations: Attachment to the Body/Mind” – Drawing from his own personal exchanges with Richard Rose, John presents some questions to the reader that may require a second look at the Pulyan letters; Poetry by James Cornie – Clouds illusions, you may recall…; “The ‘I’ of the Hurricane” by John Patton – John further explores the tension between the exoteric and the esoteric, which is brilliantly illustrated in his unique chart; Book Review by Cecy Rose on the title: Entity Possession, Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences by Samuel Sagan, M.D. – Any book that is devoted to the study of entities is well worth looking at, and this one is exceptionally detailed in its descriptions of case studies and therapies. Much like The Sex Connection, there are unexplainable phenomena that are brought to light by careful research and observation.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 5, Number 1

Volume 5, Number 2

April 1st, 2010|

“Effortless Action,” by Andrew McMaster – A bit of April foolery points out the pitfalls of seeking enlightenment, and the necessity of retreating from untruth; ” Who is Driving Who?” by Trevor Wall – A new contributor to the newsletter puts his “spin” on one of the aspects of Richard Rose’s lecture of questions, “Are we the view or the viewer of the view? ; “A Gimbol in a Wabe #5: Biocentrism and Mad Monkeys of Mind,” by James Cornie – Another adventurous trip down the rabbit hole. This time the author sorts out the details in a comprehensive and detailed comparison of Robert Lanza’s book on Biocentrism to Richard Rose’s Psychology of the Observer. No stone is left unturned by this author/seeker/poet who continues to ignite our curiosity about our origins, our aims, our finality.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 5, Number 2

Volume 5, Number 3

July 1st, 2010|

“Point of View” by Philip Winestone – A bit of humor from the author, woven through his description of a profound personal realization. He inspires the question, “Art thou the dreamer in the dream or the dreamer of the dream.” “Life and Times with Richard Rose” by Cecy Rose – A “normal” life it was not. An interesting life? That’s an understatement. “People I’ve never met write to me regularly asking about what it was like to live with Richard Rose. The answer is simple – nothing not out of the ordinary.” “The Enneagram” by Andrew McMaster – Taking a line from Richard Rose’s teaching that we should employ whatever means necessary when going within, “Mac” has chosen to write about an ancient system of defining the personality in order to observe and retreat from the obstacles it puts on our path to Truth.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 5, Number 3

Volume 5, Number 4

October 1st, 2010|

“Peace of Mind: Success Without Regret” by Cecy Rose – This lecture contains the formula for attaining success, whether the end result is wealth or Enlightenment. The secret is in how we direct our energy.

“A Gimble in a Wabe #6, Right Brain/Left Brain: Surfing the Now” by James Cornie – Delving into the survival of a massive stroke experienced by Jill Bolte Taylor (My Stroke of Insight), Jim brings to light the relationship between the function of the right brain and the subtractive method of searching as taught by Richard Rose, retreating from error. He also provides an explanation of the purpose that our right brain has served throughout history in being a conduit (through music, art and poetry) for attaining spiritual insights and experiencing the “Now” moment.

“The Reversed Vector” by Andrew McMaster – If one continues to drop all that is false, eventually all that will be left is the Truth. This is the reason we “look within.” As stated by Richard Rose “Go within by any means necessary.” Andrew puts together a brief summary of this path as written by Rose and others.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 5, Number 4

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