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Volume 4, Number 1

January 1st, 2009|

“A Gimble in a Wabe #2, A Further Exploration…” by Jim Cornie. This eye-opener of an article presents the foremost and current research on the origin of the universe. Blending his background in esoteric philosophy with the scientific, the author confirms that Truth can be stranger than fiction; “The Magic of Hypnosis, A Personal Account of an Experience,” by Alan Fitzpatrick. The events leading up to a “death of the self” are retraced in this account of between-ness and the resulting experience; “The Unpublished Notes of Richard Rose.” The Psychology of Observer was most likely based on these excerpts from “The Mind,” but you will find this explanation of the Unmanifested Mind to be the most clearly stated of any found elsewhere.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 4, Number 1

Volume 4, Number 2

April 1st, 2009|

“The Obstacles to Realization,” by Andrew McMaster. Mac has outdone himself on this one, having carefully dissected the correspondence between Richard Rose and Alfred Pulyan to bring to the reader a series of articles reviewing the teachings of one Zen master to an already enlightened “student.” We welcome your comments!; “A Gimble in a Wabe #3, Epiphany Re: Cosmology,” by Jim Cornie. We continue to follow the thread of yet another epiphany which occurred while Jim was explaining a bit of cosmology derived from his last “Gimble in a Wabe” with his grandson, Jacob. And the children shall lead us…..; “In Case of Emergency,” by John Patton. Richard Rose has pointed out numerous times in his writings that we live in a jungle. John, has provided the reader a version of his own “survival kit”; “The Unpublished Notes of Richard Rose.” More grist for the mill on the “Unmanifested Mind.”

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 4, Number 2

Volume 4, Number 3

July 1st, 2009|

Quantum Physics and the Observer by Dan Niebauer – A semi-retired chemist and inventor unveils the mystery behind “The Project Ray,” as mentioned in the writings of Richard Rose, through the understanding of Quantum Physics. Obstacles to Realizations: Attachment to the Body/Mind by Andrew McMaster – “Mac” presents part two of his perspective on the esoteric philosophies of Pulyan and Richard Rose. Commentary by one of our contributors follows the article. Many Paths by Cheryl Baskins Butler – From organized religion to finding “the Way” by other means, this seeker weaves us through her experiences on the paths. “Falling Out of Time,” a poem by John Rose. The Unpublished Notes of Richard Rose – This brief excerpt further substantiates the connection between the early thinking of Mr. Rose and Quantum Physics.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 4, Number 3

Volume 4, Number 4

October 1st, 2009|

“A Gimble in a Wabe #4” by James Cornie – Jim continues his awe inspired journey down the rabbit hole to the other side, taking us from the rims of the canyons of Arizona to neutron stars 17,000 light years away. His fellow travelers are certain to reach a deeper understanding of projection and Reality; “Obstacles to Realizations: Attachment to Religion and Spirituality” by Andrew McMaster –Part Three of the perspective on the esoteric philosophies of Pulyan and Richard Rose delves into the religious and spiritual persona. One of the paradoxes to which the reverse vector must be applied, this article points the way; Excerpts from the Lectures of Richard Rose – From the lecture “Zen and Death,” we present some of the more eloquent analyses of this American Zen master.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 4, Number 4

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