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The staff at Richard Rose Teachings and Rose Publications has published its last and twenty-third issue of its quarterly newsletter “The Observer’s Nook”. It is presented as a downloadable PDF for your convenience. We encourage you to forward the newsletter to friends who may be interested in what we are doing, or to anyone you think might be interested in receiving mailings from us. We would also like to hear from you, our readers. Just write to the editor, Thank you!

Volume 3, Number 1

January 1st, 2008|

“Walking the Walk,” by John Rose. Another longtime student of esoteric philosophy embraces his dilemmas and obstacles on the path; “Gimbling in a Wabe,” by Jim Cornie. Jim shares his poetry, delivered in the 1980’s at a Kerouac Festival in Lowell, MA, reflecting a bit of the influence and philosophy of Richard Rose on a longtime friend and student.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 3, Number 1

Volume 3, Number 2

April 1st, 2008|

“Book Review by Michael Casari on The Sex Connection by Alan Fitzpatrick.” This reviewer hails the book that cracks the myths behind human sexual behavior and serves as a tribute to the psychological aspects of Richard Rose’s teachings; “Letters from Richard Rose.” This particular correspondence is most interesting, revealing Rose’s early insights into personality and his approach to teaching, including suggested reading; “Meeting Richard Rose,” by John Rose. John has once again crafted a personal and colorful story every reader can relate to.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 3, Number 2

Volume 3, Number 3

July 1st, 2008|

“New Perspectives: What Our Readers Have to Say.” As a result of our “Call to Entries,” several of our readers contributed material for this edition of the newsletter. The call continues for those who may wish to contribute their work to be published in future editions. Our thanks to those who responded!; “Letters from Richard Rose.” Correspondence between student and teacher can be revealing to us all, as you will find in these letters; “The Poetry Corner.” In honor of the poet in Richard Rose, we continue to include poetry from our readers in our newsletter.

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 3, Number 3

Volume 3, Number 4

October 1st, 2008|

“Direct Objectless-ness and Meditation,” by Andrew McMaster. How egos and personas are dealt with in meditation – methods whereby the false mind can be dropped; “The Man’s Path: A Balanced Life, One Man’s Perspective,” by John Rose. This article presents an in-depth description of practicing an esoteric spiritual path while maintaining a family life; “The Woman’s Path: Viva la Difference!” Cecy Rose tells her story from the perspective of wife and student of Richard Rose, including guidelines for the feminine side of the Albigen System; “Letters from Richard Rose.” A few pointers for the family man and woman; “New Perspectives: What Our Readers Say.”

The Observer’s Nook – Volume 3, Number 4

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